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Welding machine АС

Welding machine АС is intended mainly for direct current manual arc welding with consumable electrode for construction and repair works with power supply 220 V 50 Hz. The welder strength part is made following the most advanced IGBT-technology.

The machine is easy to operate. It has thermostated overheating protection as well as an operative condition indicator and an overheat indicator.

Due to inverter principle of welding current formation the apparatus has very small dimension, weight and current consumption, which makes it mobile and allows carrying out welding repair works very quickly in different conditions. The apparatus carries out welding process with constant current, which makes the quality of the weld higher. The gradual regulation of welding current makes the welding process convenient not depending on electrode diameter, thickness of welded material or other factors. Such functions as «ANTI-STICK» (when electrode does not «stick» to a detail) и «ARC-FORCE» (when electrode touches the melt) makes it possible to get weld of high quality even for beginners.

Such opportunities as «smooth start», bump limit, heat protection makes it reliable in different conditions.

Basic Specifications

Supply voltage, V 220+10/-20%
Range ofwelding current regulation, A 30–150
Current consumption with welding current 70A, 11
Max current consumption for welding cycle, under, A 15
Diameter ofused electrode, mm 1,6–4,0
Output voltage ofopen-circuit, V 90 +10/-30
Insulation resistance innormal climatic conditions, over, MOhm 10
Cover protection degree according toGOST 14254-96 IP21
Weight, kg, under 4,0
Overall dimension, mm, 300×145×187
Power consumption with welding current 70A, under 2,4
Max power consumption, under, kVA 5
Duration ofwork with electrode usage:
∅3 (75—80A), %
∅4 (150A), %

100 35–45

Complete Set

TYBY7000022620.033-2009 Welding the appropriate modifications 1
ШПЖИ 4.170.127 Passport 1
ШПЖИ 4.170.127 Consumer container 1
ШПЖИ 4.853.069 Cable with anelectrode holder 1
ШПЖИ 4.8530.070 Cable with analligator type clamp 1 1
ШПЖИ 4.8530.070 Welding shieldНН (plastic, with aturning-locking device) 1

Welding cables of ordered length can be manufactured upon customers’ request.