версия для слабовидящих

Pneumatic Spearguns «Neptun» series

The spearguns are intended for amateur and sport spearfishing.

The device is available of the following models: «Neptun-1», «Neptin-2», «Neptun-3». The distinctions of models are specified in the Table.




«Neptun» Series Underwater Speargun Technical Data

Bullet tip harpoon throw under water, m not less than 5,0 5,3 3,5
Speargun length with forked tip harpoon, mm, not exceeding 715 775 595
Weight without standard equipment— not 0,65 0,8 0,55
Positive buoyancy without harpoon no yes no

The devices are made of high impact plastic, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. «Neptun-3» has a form of a shortened gun.

A compound lever with a trigger drive enables comfortable cord packing and release.

«Neptun-2» has positive buoyancy if uncharged; it provides additional convenience for long-lasting hunting.