Carrier-Current Protection Transceiver PVZ-90M1

Carrier-Current Protection Transceiver PVZ-90M1 designed for protection signals receipt in case of accidents on power transmission lines and operates as a part of frequency security of power supply lines of all voltage types.

PVZ-90M1 supports various security systems.

According to type of operation:

  • differentially phase;
  • directed;
  • distance;

According to structure:

  • relay switching;
  • semiconductor.

The device performs the following functions:

  • transmission and receipt of blocking signals;
  • periodic control of attenuation span and receiver output circuit consistency. Noise resistance of the automatic channel control system is increased;
  • remote start (PVZ-90M1D);
  • supply circuit breakdown light indication;
  • telephone communication use in active channel.

The device operates in the following modes:

  • operation of two transmitter/receiver units at a frequency of 36-600 kHz, receiving frequency is equal to transmitting frequency;
  • operation of two transmitter/receiver units at various frequencies with frequency shift by 0,5; 1,0; 1,5 kHz within frequency range 36-400 Hz with frequency shift by 1,0 kHz within frequency range 401-600 kHz; each device receiver tuned at the frequency of a remote transmitter receives the signal of its own transmitter as well;
  • operation of three transmitter/receiver units with receivers tuned at the channel medium frequency, transmitters’ frequencies have shift 0.5.

Technical Data

Operating frequency range, Hz 36-600
Receiver selectivity
within 36-200 kHz, Db
within 200,5-600 kHz, Db

Transmitter input power
within 36-400 kHz
within 401-600 kHz

Power intake, W not less than 35
Overall dimensions, mm 460×380×280
Mass, kg 18
Constant-potential source supply, V 220/110