Transceiver of high-frequency protection PVZ-2008 is aimed at sending and receiving the signals of relay protection via high-frequency (HF) section via transmission line 35-1150 kV.

Functions — sending and receiving the HF signals of protection; — automatic control of HF protection channel working order; — provision of telephone connection between the ends of protected line during HF channel testing.

Working modes

  • on the same frequency for two transceivers;
  • on close frequencies (frequency shift is up to 1,5 kHz) for two transceivers;
  • in the channel with three transceivers at three-end lines with a frequency shift 0.5 kHz each.


SertificatePVZ-2008 is compatible with all kinds of HF protection made on the base of: electromechanical relay, semiconducting element base and HF protection microterminals of latest models (ШЭ 2607 031/081 from НПП ЭКРА, Mikom P547 from AREWA, L 60 from GE etc.).

Distinctive features

  1. Full digital signal processing can be considered as a special feature of PVZ-2008. ALTERA microchip Cyclone-3 used there enables to create all the circuit design of PVZ-2008 on one crystal.
    The following is presented in one microchip:
    • Digital filter of incoming signal.
    • Digital converter of incoming signal.
    • Two digital heterodyne oscillators, one of which can be reconfigured over the whole working frequency range.
    • Two filters of intermediate frequency (attenuation below the line when the frequency is 1.5 kHz detuned from the carrier is over 50 dB).
    • Digital signal detection of receivers.
    • Digital receivers’ thresholds and thresholds control.
    • Dynamic range of 45 dB threshold re-tuning.
    • High-stable re-tuned impulse generator for MUS block. Frequency setting accuracy is 1 Hz.
  2. PVZ-2008 also has a graphic display used to show and control service information and allows to:
    • show service information;
    • make the oscillogram of receiver and transmitter signals.
  3. High-stable heat-resisting generator is used as a driving oscillator.
  4. Interference-free feature of PVZ-2008 satisfies requirements of GOST PS 1317.6.5-2006

Operating Characteristics:

  • it has 19 inch frame corresponding to IEC 297 standard, contemporary element base and galvanic isolation of control and warning circuit;
  • it has an opportunity of quick working frequency change during operation and replacement of any existing transceiver due to its electric settings and overall dimension;
  • does not require start-up and adjustment;
  • it is easy to repair due to complete interchangeability of all units and boards.

Hardware & Software

Channel Self-Control and Diagnostics

  • automatic channel check device APK (АПК) enables operation in the channel with any existing models of APK equipment PVZU, PVZU-E, PVZ-90M1 (ПВЗУ, ПВЗУ-Е, ПВЗ-90М1);
  • up to 5 APK devices can operate in one channel;
  • digital signal processing block (БЦОС) enables logging data on PVZ-2008 operation in nonvolatile memory while R3 startup and failures detected by the APK device (up to 255 records) with information of event real time;
  • PC connection via RS-232 port for readout and analysis of information of PVZ-2008 operation as well as for APK operation modes setting adjustment;
  • recording and viewing oscillograms.

Service Functions

  • Quick rearrangement of station basic parameters by means of built-in control desk (or PC via RS-232 or RS-485):
  • transmission frequency (with a 0.5 kHz step within the range of 36-1000 kHz);
  • receiver adjustment frequency (with a 0.5 kHz step within the range of 36-1000 kHz);
  • receiver sensitivity level (with a 1 kHz step within the range of 45 dB, the dB scale is bounded with volts, i.e. 0 dB corresponds to 0.775 V
  • LCD displaying P3 filter output signal level;
  • sensitivity level reserve, dimensionless (dB);
  • own transmitter signal level, dB or V.

Component Part Description:

Block LF — a linear filter intended for:

  • finding the firs harmonic of the power amplifier block signal, enabling parallel operation of units at neighbouring frequencies, the power amplifier block protection against overvoltages occurring in a communication circuit. The linear filter distinctive feature is an opportunity of quick rearrangement (under operation) within the entire frequency band.

Block MUS (МУС) - power amplifier block is intended for:

  • at transmitting mode — for amplifying carrier frequency power;
  • at receive mode — for matching impedance of transceiver with a line by means of ensuring normalized impedance at the power amplifier block output.

Digital Signal Processing Block (БЦОС) — intended for receiving signal and processing thereof.

The block comprises:

  • Input signal digital filter.
  • Input signal digital frequency inverter.
  • Two digital heterodyne oscillators (attenuation below the line when the frequency is 1.5 kHz detuned from the carrier is over 50 dB).
  • Digital signal detection of the main and coarse receiver.
  • Digital thresholds of main and coarse receiver.
  • High-resistant tunable impulse oscillator for the MUS block operation. Frequency settability 1 Hz.
  • Self check device.
  • Protection control units.

BP (БП)— power supply. Operates from a battery having voltage from 80 to 280 V.

UPR (УПР) — control module, intended for converting control signals from all the protection devices, generating transmitter control signals from P3 and the АПК device as well as converting receiver output signals and self check input signals.

Technical Data

Setup frequency band, kHz 36-1000
Selected frequencies step, kHz 0,5
Transmitter output power atactive load of75Ohm, atpower supply voltage 220/110V (+20%/-40%), W:
within frequency band 36-400 kHz
within frequency band 400-600 kHz
within frequency band 600-1000 kHz
not less than
Receiver sensitivity (max), mV 70
Receiver selectivity under asingle-frequency interference of5dB distant from the receiving frequency by8kHz not worse than 60
Hardware susceptibility level, dBm -11
Power intake, W not exceeding 50
Overall dimensions, mm 482,6×220×280
Weight, kg not exceeding 12