версия для слабовидящих

The chargers are manufactured in line with customers’ requests in terms of their basic specifications. Available of two models: УЗ А with automatic charging current shutdown after the batter is charged and УЗ without such an opportunity.

The devices enable recharging batteries of a wide range of appliances — flashlights, cash registers, luminaires, gas analyzers, various independent systems, battery charging of motor and automotive equipment. The chargers are intended for charging nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride or lead batteries with stable current. The УЗ А device maintains stable voltage across the battery after charging thereof is complete.

Basic Specifications:

  • Power supply voltage— (230+23-43) V
  • The device output current corresponds to the rated value labeled on the device with permissible deviation of ±20%. Upon the customer’s request, accuracy can be increased to ±0.5%.
  • Power intakewithin the power supply voltage range does not exceed the labeled value by more than 10%.
  • The device ensures charging current at load voltage ranging from plus 10% to minus 50% of the rated value.
  • Automatic device blank run output voltage (charging current tripping voltage) makes 120±3% of the rated value (can be designed for other voltages).
  • Device actual frequency — not less than 15 kHz
  • The devices can indicate a state of charging. In addition, automatic devices can indicate the charging completion.
  • Weight — not exceeding 0.17 kg
  • Overall dimensions — not exceeding (91×60×86) mm