версия для слабовидящих
Portable Device OMZ-97

Intended for:

  • identification of earth leakage current for open-wire circuits with voltage varying from 6 to 35 kV, identification of damaged line taps;
  • identification of earth leakage current specific places;
  • 6 — 35 kV underground cable run tracing;
  • underground cable run tracing and short circuit identification when connecting to 550 Hz audio-frequency generator.

OMZ 97 Technical Data:

  • operates with power lines of various voltage;
  • identifies the line with leakage in case of cable application to the line;
  • registers current leakage at a distance from 5 to 20 metres from the damaged line sections;
  • identifies damaged lines close to substations;
  • keeps operating in the forest;
  • off-line operation at least 20 hours;
  • registered current leakage range — 0.1-30 A.

Power supply is carried out by means of internal batteries or AA-type electric batteries (3 items). At the customer’s request the device can be equipped with a remote supply unit serving as a source of batteries charging.