версия для слабовидящих
Frequency Converters EP-07

Frequency-regulated drive transistor converters EP-07 and PT are intended for solving different tasks of production automation and energy saving on the basis of the industrial squirrel-cage induction motor and frequency conversion using up-to-date control elements — power quick response transistors and multipurpose processors.

Frequency converters EP-07 and PT enable:

  • quick on/off, emergency shutdown, autoreclosure of a drive motor (asynchronous motor) and a frequency inverter;
  • smooth frequency acceleration with the set pace;
  • automatic technologic parameter (parameters) adjustment of the driven machine or a mechanism;
  • frequency adjustment within the required range or maintenance of the required asynchronous motor rotation frequency;
  • reversing and breaking the asynchronous motor;
  • optimization of parameters, modes and use of the asynchronous motor in line with properties and characteristics of the mechanism;
  • effective protection of the asynchronous motor, frequency converter and mechanisms in case of failure or off-design modes;
  • remote reception and processing of control signals, setup parameters and modes, including those passing through serial line communication from controlling machines and top level systems;
  • automation and mutual control over groups of mechanisms of multimachine units and complexes;
  • recording breakdowns, off-design modes and failures.
Frequency Converters pt

Structurally the entire range of converters is designed in the form of a hinged cabinet serviced from one side.

All the converters are forced cooled by built-in blowers.

Control and alarm elements are placed on the cabinet front panel. All the PT converters have menus in Russian, any command is displayed on the console panel and all the set parameters are automatically stored in nonvolatile memory.

The EP-07 and PT series frequency converters provide effective protection of frequency converters, asynchronous motor and supply line against:

  • prohibitive overload currents;
  • short-circuit currents, including ground short circuit currents;
  • prohibitive overvoltages;
  • prohibitive deviations and supply line voltage losses;
  • technological parameter prohibitive deviations, including those of blocking signals;
  • prohibitive overheating;
  • lock and damage of the mechanism elements;
  • failures and breakdowns of separate units and systems

Technical Data

Electric motor shaft rated power, kW 11 15 22 37 55 75 90 110 200
Power supply voltage three phase with grounded neutral:
380В+10-15%, 50(60) Hz±0,4Hz
three phase:
380V+10-15%, 50(60) Hz±0,4Hz
Rated output voltage, V three phase: 380 ±2%
Rated output current, A 22 30 45 75 110 145 170 210 370
Overall dimensions, mm, not exceeding Height 655 850 725 800 860
Width 300 300 640 690 915
Depth 260 260 305 395 400
Weight, kg, not exceeding 23 24 32 37 65 68 75 95 160
Degree ofprotection IP20; IP54
Output frequency variation range, Hz 1÷100
Output frequency adjustment accuracy Incase ofdigital frequency setup: ±0.01% ofmaximum frequency
Incase ofanalogue frequency setup: ±0.05% ofmaximum frequency
Setpoint output frequency Incase ofdigital frequency setup: 0,01Hz
Incase ofanalogue frequency setup: maximum frequency/1000
Modulation method PWM with frequency 2; 4; 8; 16; 20kHz
U/f Characteristics Broken curve free programming (5programmable points)
Allowable current overload 135% ofrated current value during 120sec, shutoff at200% ofrated current value
The acceleration and braking time, sec. 0÷4000

Input signals
Frequency setup voltage:: 0÷10V
current signal: 0÷5мА, 4÷20mA
staged setup bythree discrete signals DINF1, DINF2, DINF3
Ten programmable discrete inputs DINSTOP— startup/stop signal
DINREV— reverse signal
DINF1, DINF2, DINF3,— multistage frequency setup (seven stages offrequencies being setup)
External Environment
Ambient temperature 1÷40 °С
Humidity not exceeding80% at25°С

Output Signals
Alarm OUTDIN1— alarm АВАРИЯ (failure signal)
OUTDIN2— указатель СТОП/ПУСК (stop/start signal)
OUTDIN3— сигнал ГОТОВНОСТЬ (ready)
Programmable outputs OUT1÷OUT4— relay automation board control
OUT5— programmable discrete output
Fm, Am— analogue signals (0÷10В): frequency and active power monitoring
Other peculiarities
Other functions limiting output frequency range
resonance frequency pass through mode
PID controller ofthe technological parameter closed bythe parameter being setup, multiple-speed operating mode bytimer
Autoreclosure protective functions, protection against overvoltage, overload and short circuit