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Zenit Elevators Dispatch And Diagnostics System

TY BY 700002620.020-2006

Designed for being installed in passenger and cargo elevators operated in dwelling and office buildings subject to dispatching.

System configuration:

  • local bus controller V (up to 8 blocks) — installed in a dispatch station for collecting and displaying of the information received from terminal devices (up to 30 ones for each local bus controller) by means of double-wire junction line (local bus) with length up to 5 km;
  • Elevator block (БЛ) V5.5 — a terminal device connected to the elevator equipment with nominal speed varying from 0.5 to 1.6 designed for collecting, processing, transmission and display of the information on equipment status. The elevator block enables to use it independently as an elevator security system.
  • Intermodule interface (ИММ) — intended for joining local bus controller and connection to the PC serial port.

The system enables visual and sound warning in case of:

  • fallout of digital communication with an elevator block;
  • СТОП (stop) button pressing in a passenger elevator car;
  • Machine room penetration;
  • Passengers presence in the elevator car (for elevators with manual door close);
  • Safety circuit activation;
  • Dispatcher calling up.

The system switches off the elevator block in case of the following failures:

  • lifting of elevator counterbalance with an unmoved car;
  • bridging of safety cutout switch electric contacts;
  • unsanctioned penetration of unauthorized persons in the elevator shaft from any floor.

The elevator can be switched off upon operator’s command.

Talk-back circuit:

  • between the dispatch station and elevator car;
  • between the dispatch station and the machine room.

The system electric power supply is carried out by means of alternating current single-phase network with nominal voltage of 220 V or remotely for the elevator block.

The connection of the personal computer enables real-time recording and storing event logs.