версия для слабовидящих
limit switch VPK

The switch is intended for switching electrical control circuits having the rated alternating current voltage up to 110 V (frequency 50 Hz) and up to 125 V of direct current under the influence of contact points located in different spots of the object being controlled.

Technical Data:

  • rated 50 Hz alternating current voltage — 110 V;
  • rated direct current voltage — 125 V;
  • rated insulation voltage — 660 V;
  • rated switched current — 0.5 A;
  • rated operable current — 10 A;
  • direct operating motion — not exceeding 4 mm, total travel — not less than 8.5 mm.

The switch has been given the symbol name:

  • limit switch VPK under a design document ShPZhI 3.602.007.

Technical specifications TY BY 700002620.034-2008.

The unit conforms to safety standards GOST, GOST, GOST .1.004-91