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Floor switch PE (ПЭ) TY BY 70002620.038-2009

floor switch

The switch is intended for switching electrical control circuits of rated voltage up to 220 V, 50 Hz and 60 Hz alternating current and up to 125 V of direct current under the influence of contact points located in different spots of the object being controlled.
It is used to choose the direction of the elevator car movement depending on the position in relation to the call floor or the destination floor and to stop the elevator car. Switch application category — AC-14 and DC-V under GOST 30011.5.1-2002.

Basic Specifications:

  • By protection against electric-shock hazard the switch relates to Class II
  • Degree of protection provided by enclosure – IP30.
  • Rated switched current 0.5 A
  • Rated operable current 1.6 А
  • Rated insulation voltage 660 V.
  • Drive operating motion (93+-6) mm.
  • Overall dimensions — not exceeding 135×235 × 97.3 mm
  • Weight — not exceeding 0.8 kg.