версия для слабовидящих
door drive unit

The door drive unit is intended for operation in the elevator car with a direct-acting frequency-regulated door drive used in passenger elevators operated in dwelling and administration buildings. The drive controls the elevator door open algorithm. The unit gets electric power supply from AC mains having the rated voltage on 220 V +10%, −15% frequency 50 Hz.

The type of climate version is УХЛ 3 (suitable for operation in cold-temperate zones) under GOST 15150-69 at temperatures from 1 to 40°С. The product is not designed to be used and operated in explosion-dangerous and dangerous spaces under Operational Code for electrical installations. Maximum blank run power intake does not exceed 30 V.

The unit should ensure:

  • reception of actuating signals from the elevator controlling device: DO (ДО) — door open signal; DZ (ДЗ) — door close signal;
  • reception and possessing of signals from transducers «DA» , «DB» («ДА», «ДB») and switches «VKO», «VKZ» («ВКО», «ВКЗ»);
  • signal emulation from switches «VKO», " VKZ" for further transmission to the elevator controlling device.

The unit overall dimensions do not exceed 440×220 × 160 mm. Weight — not exceeding 10 kg.