версия для слабовидящих

Technical specifications:

The elevator distributed control device of UELR (УЭЛР) series (hereinafter UELR) is intended for elevator operation control.

The devices consists of: distributed elevator control cabinet (ШК-УЭЛР), distributed elevator car control device (КВ-УЭЛР), distributed elevator control device call controllers (КВ-УЭЛР) by number of stops, distributed elevator control device indication controllers (КИ-УЭЛР) and distributed elevator control device point control switches (КС-УЭЛР) in the customer specified number.

UELR is intended for cargo elevators of lifting capacity from 500 to 5000 kg and passenger elevators, including hospital ones, of lifting capacity from 320 to 1600 kg with a number of stops up to 40, traveling speed up to 1.4 m/sec for uncontrolled drive and traveling speed up to 4.0 m/sec for AC controlled drive, with controlled and uncontrolled elevator car door drive, with a through passage and no-go elevator car, availability of group operation of up to six elevators in a group.

Operation conditions under GOST 22011-95. Cabinet climatic version — УХЛ 4 under GOST 22011-95 for deliveries within the CIS. For elevator car controller, call controller, indication controller and point control switch — climatic version УХЛ3 under GOST 15150-69.