версия для слабовидящих
elevator control device

UEL (УЭЛ) device is intended for elevator control of up to 60 stops, traveling speed up to 4.0 m/sec, with a controlled main drive and up to 30 stops elevators with traveling speed up to 1.4 m/sec with an uncontrolled main drive as well as for hospital and cargo elevators including those with automatic doors.

UEL device is mounted in a hinged cabinet. The device has two electronic boards:

  • central control board ЦПУ;
  • control board

To ease the board operation, it has been unified for all the controllable elevators (cargo, hospital, passenger with controlled and uncontrolled main drive).

Software allows users to setup the elevator operation with/without shunt-trip breakers and many other things.

UEL (УЭЛ) has a tradition matrix connection.